Company Overview

Penzoil Trading SA is a Swiss based oil trading company, currently active in the oil derivatives, biofuel trading and shipping market.

The company is committed to growth in trading, transportation and marketing of petroleum and biofuels products.

The company trades distillates and biofuels through US, Africa, Europe, and Balkans. Although Penzoil is newly established, its international members have been working in the sector for several years.

The best specialists of our company analyze trends that drive global markets of energy commodities and quickly identify opportunities, making Penzoil an efficient and reliable partner.

Penzoil has been building trusted relationships with suppliers and refineries, developing and improving skills which makes it among the best and reliable traders.

Penzoil Trading SA can also provide professional and reliable inspection services to its clients. We offer a wide range of services to meet our clients needs, focusing on:

A competitive and dynamic company, Penzoil always knows to be a dependable partner.